Tin P1 Buzzing with low hz

I recently got a set of Tin p1. They sound great. Very promising for my first IEM. Upon listening, I’ve noticed that it makes a slight buzzing sound out of the right side. It happens when a bass guitar plays on its own on an intro. Also with low piano notes. I’ve down a frequency sweep,. and its actually present thourgh a majority of the spectrum. Has anyone else experienced this? Or have I just been lucky?

Mine have also started to do this; been about a week since they started. Haven’t run any sweeps yet and I’m really in no mood to sit though weeks of waiting just to get return. Other than that they seem fine just can’t enjoy a bass solo with them.

Thanks for chiming in. It’s a little disappointing. I guess quality control isn’t up to par. But for 150, can’t expect too much. What tips are you using? Still trying to get used to the foam. I like the bass, but it seems a little muffled on the top end.

I’m using symbio w eartips.

I’ll have to look into those. I’m finding that I can more or less tune it out and avoid songs that it may be more present it. I really love the way they sound, so i may order a new set to hopefully have a proper one.

Hey, can you provide a couple of songs where it is more noticeable? Thx

From memory I can think of only 1. Tori Kelly - questions. Right in the beginning with the piano playing. There was a rock song where the bass started in the begging that evades me right now. I then went on YouTube and search for a frequency sweep test. It was very noticeable in the bass ranging from 25 hz up to 1k.

Thx! Will report when mine will arrive l, should be sometime next week.

Depending on how audible the effect is, I would try to get a replacement if I were you. You can use this site to pin point the problem frequency.

It is audible when it’s quiet. Bass notes are most apparent. I bought these off of someone on headfi forums so sadly, bo chance of getting a replacement. I do like the way they sound. Amazing for the price.

Are you using it on a desktop amp or portable player? Letting us know your setup might help further simulate or diagnose…

But yeah, QC issues for sure with the P1’s head over to Drop and check the discussion… apart for the delays in shipping, its looking like a nightmare.

It happens with every source. I have a jotenheim for my desk setup. And a oppo Ha2se for my on the go setup. Happens on both. It almost sounds like there is a price of dust or something that vibrating against the driver with bass frequencies.

Thanks for that. I’ll go check it out.

Just to quell any doubts before the return/exchange, try using a different cable if possible. I’m sure tech support will want to have that done first for whatever reason.

But, with what you described with two sources i’d say go for a return.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried a different cable unfortunately. Same problem still persists for me. I bought these used, so I am unable to get a replacement.

Can possibly dirt or earwax cause this if they got passed the screen and to the driver? That is kind of what it sounds like. Like the driver is vibrating against something.

I dont know if the filters can be removed without damaging them, but if something small enough to get through the screen is in there you could try to shake it out.

With the consistency of the issue, I would think it’s a problem with the planar membrane or the magnet. I’m no expert but it is similar to what I experienced when one of my speaker’s diaphragm got torn. Granted speakers and IEMs are totally different and the p1 being planars. But it could also be as you said, something touching the membrane.

Thanks for the insight. I’ll live with it as long as I can. Then when I can’t takes no more, I’ll perform surgery on them.

Can’t help but think I should have bought the campfire comets instead.

I dont see a lot of good reviews for the comets. I gave it a brief listen and I dint like the sound compared to others in a similar price range. Not really a big enough improvement to my ears over my aged Orion.

Too bad your P1 is a bummer, but a working one is an awesome part of an IEM collection for its imaging and detail.