Tin P1 power setup advice

What’s up HiFi Guides Community! I am new to the forums and have been doing so much research, this has been quite the new addiction.

I purchased the Tin P1 not understanding that I need a good amount of power to treat these IEMS right.

Looking for some advice, is it best to get a decent DAP and DAC to pair all together? Or would you just purchase a higher-end DAP/DAC all in one?

Some options I’ve come down to so far are.

Fiio M9 + Qudelix 5K + Tin P1


Hiby R6 pro + Tin P1

Ideally looking for a setup that is somewhat portable to walking around w/o my iPhone.

Would love to hear your recommendations! Thanks guys, its been so much fun doing all this research on making my first sound setup experience

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Hi and welcome to HFGF :smiley:

Reckon if I was looking for a simple, small footprinted otg solution to powering my P1’s then the Cayin N3 Pro would be what I’d be looking at :+1:


thanks! going to check out the cayin