TIN T1 any of y'all heard it?

So anyone tried the original lol? Never really stopped to think there was a T1 (for some reason)

has in line mic… I feel like in line mics are there to annoy you with mic line noise =D


Perhaps, it can be an issue sometimes lol. I also think those mic cables tend to break easier

it could be interesting tho. have you tried the t2? does the t2 suffer from mic noise?

edit: does t2 even have mic? haha guess i should of checked.

The t2 is pretty great imo, really doesn’t need any changes

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from what I heard from people who own the t2 was a huge departure from the t1 the t1 apparently used to be alot bass decent mids almost no highs

Interesting, I wonder how it sold

Saw it on the linsoul website back then, never considered them actually since the tin hype seems to have skipped them, I just assumed they would be mediocre. Lol

There’s a bass mod out there if you feel it’s a little light. I did it and love it. Search it. Someone recommend a specific tape. I forget what it’s called. I used electrical tape. Seems fine with just that… I’m speaking in regards to the T2

Yeah, I didn’t feel the need for the tape mod, but someone else I knew did it and it works pretty well

crinacle just graphed the T1 if your curious and want to compare it

Interesting, it doesn’t seem to have any obvious issues with the tuning