(TIN T2/Blon 03) Why the difference in reaction?

So whenever I showed my friends these 2 the Blons never get a big reaction while both of my friends reacted like they heard real audio for the first time with the TIN T2s. And I showed both the blons first. Now then personally same thing happened to me, first time hearing the TIN T2 I was AMAZED and felt the magic. I still do, but when I first heard the blons they were good but nothing came immediately from them. Only after a few hours did I start preferring them over the tin t2 and now they are my favorite IEM. So why does it take time to appreciate the blons while the love for the tin t2s is instantaneous? I gave my tin t2s to my friend in korea since she liked them alot and said her earphones sound like trash after hearing them lol

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I think it might be the tins have greater clarity and separation compared to other budget options? I never got my hands on them but I did try sound demos on YT (not the most accurate way but I got the idea). While I tried the blons just a couple days ago at a local store, and they sounded the most “natural” to me, even when compared to slightly more expensive options such as the SE215.

To me I guess I would have a similar experience with my roommate’s Sennheiser IE 40 Pros and my Campfire Lyra IIs, when I first tried the IE 40 P (before I had my Lyra) the clarity blew my mind compared to the iems I was using then. But for my Lyra II, it didn’t give as much of a “wow” impact upon first hearing, but with time I grew to love it and absolutely adored its sound, but if you asked me what I like about the Lyra II, I wouldn’t be able to lay my finger on what exactly appeals to me I guess.

Not sure if it’s even relevant but to me that might be what you’re feeling as well?

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Ohhhh that makes sense! The difference in clarity from the TIN T2 really is impressive and the seperation is pretty awe inspiring! Thank you, I think that’s exactly the reason, even though I couldn’t put into into words I think you hit it right on the mark! Indeed the blons have a natural timber for voices and a general natural sounding tone, while the TIN T2s are more upbeat, fun and at the same time very technically sharp and clear.

Thetins sound a bit more natural to me very clear , clean , a little sparkle up top and kinda boring.
The blons are warm but very smooth and due to the bass hump may sound generic to them like they heard something like it before like a cheap Sony iem but better

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Interesting perspective, personally the timbre of the voice however felt almost too fake or too robotic to me in the t2s after hearing the blons. Almost too clean at times, but that’s also something that I prefer half of the time