Tin T2 Cable issue

Why hello there,

So I want to buy the Tin T2, but looking arround the internet I see a lot o people having problems with the Tin T2 cable. So apparently Tin audio fixed the issue with the 2019 Tin T2 https://twitter.com/tttaudio/status/1128609142174732289?s=20

Can anyone confirm that?

PS: Second post cus I sent the first one incomplete by accident :3

I bought mine in January 2019 and haven’t had any issues with the cable whatsoever. I also got a pair for my dad for fathers day, and he hasn’t had any problems either. I can’t confirm if it was fully fixed, but I haven’t had any issues

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I bought a pair a few months ago and it started messing up in the first few weeks of use… I suspect that it wasn’t a 2019 and actually one of the older cables though.

just to be safe you can order one of these cables like I did for pretty cheap, and imo I prefer this over stock t2 cable.


Thanks, I have contacted the only guy selling them here where I live and he confirmed to me that it was the newer 2019 version.
A few months of use and no problem, I think if it were to have a problem it would have manifested itself by now

Is the issue being the left side “crackling” ? If so mine does and I got them off of Drop in a few months ago

Got mine from Drop a few months back too, no issues as yet and they’re used daily. The main annoyance is my damn phone not having a 3.5mm jack!

Guess I’ll have to look into DAP’s soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have the tin t2 and the R one is getting quitter… I swap cables and sides L to R and the problem persists…any ideas on how to may fix it besides getting a new pair. Thank you.

Sadly it sounds like a driver issue, so probably there is no way for you to fix it.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe the nozzle is clogged. Take off the top and see if the screen is covered in ear wax.

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cleaned them with alcohol and the volume went up, was ear wax clogging the nozzle. Thank you.

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