Tin T2 small tips


I’m looking for more comfortable tips for my tint2 because those from T2 either are too small or a little bigger than that. I’ve tried misodiko S450 but the small size was not small enough to make my ear feel comfortable with them.
Before those IEM, S size tips from byerdynamic byron fit perfectly for me so could anyone recommend few brands with similar measurements that would be close to them (they are either 9 or 10 mm)?

Final Audio E tips come in a really small size. SS is the size I think.

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Yes final e as well as spiral dots both can get small. Also the smalls on the horn tips are small but long so they fit differently. You can check the measurements on those too

Edit: added pic

what’s the brand of those sprial dots? or is it Final E aswell?

No jvc spiral dots, final audio e tips, repro horn are, the odd ones I pictured.

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i will try final audio e tips for now because they are easy to buy in uk but for jvc i will have to wait untill it’s come from japan

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You can also buy the pack that has 5 different sizes and see which works best for your ears. :wink:

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I use the final audio e series tips on my blon bl-03, jvc Spiral dot tips on my shozy form 1.1. Both tips are extremely comfortable.

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I couldn’t find pack with 5 different sizes for final audio so I just ordered ss size… Well we will see :wink:

If you can pick up the final e1000 cheap it has all sizes of tips. In USA it’s only 10$ difference max so you get free iems with the tips :wink: not bad backups too.

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I second the E1000, really good neutral iems.

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Which of the lower price E series do you think is the most neutral?

E1000, that one is true neutral for me, unlike the Tin hifi T3 and P1 that is bright-neutral.

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I’ve just wanted to buy tips… And gonna end up with new pair of iems. I can buy them for like 29£ is that cheap or expensive as for E1000?

They are abround 25usd so slightly higher it seems, but still good price. I’ll eventually check out the 3000 at around 50usd.

So is it worth the extra 20£?

Supposedly a warm sound with better build for the 3000, the 1k is great as an emergency pair due to the neutral sound and small space/form factor. I don’t think I would buy them again unless I wanted more tips and wanted to give someone some decent audio for the cheap.

That is up to you, do you have neutral iems already? If you do then maybe you can skip it.

If you have stuff like the Tin Hifi T3, P1, Moondrop KXXS, Blessing 2 and they are all bright-neutral to you, then maybe you can get it. (those are the “neutral” iems I have and to me they are all bright-neutral, while the E1000 is true neutral.)

For now I have only tin T2 and beyerdynamic Byron and that’s all.

Regarding the main question of this topic I’ve just received tips from final Audio and after spending with them about 2 hours by now I have to agree that they are most comfortable tips I’ve ever known. But now I’m just still curious about spiral dots and if they have the same size? Compering SS from final audio with small from spiral

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