Tin t2 upgrades

Hey all! just looking to upgrade from my current IEM Tin t2 (freaking love them btw) . I’m not really headphone guy because I get really bad skin allergies from wearing them. Price range around 70-180 dollars. I love the sound of the t2 so maybe something with a bit more bass? if that makes sense. Im hoping something also from TinAudio not a fanboy just like to keep things consistent.

Welcome to the “wants to upgrade from tin T2, but doesn’t know what to get” club.

On a more serious note, you might not even have to get a different pair of iem’s. The tin T2’s are bass light, so it isn’t surprising that you want something with more bass. Given you already love the sound of the T2, doing a eq is more what you should look into. I have a eq profile that is specific for the T2, it is meant to just make them more neutral, but that includes a significant sub-bass lift since again T2 be a bass light iem. Try it out with yours and then tweak it to fit what your looking for if it still isn’t enough.

Now to be clear I’m not saying an upgrade is a bad way to go, I’m in the same boat, just don’t rush into it. An eq can make any pair of iem/headphones more towards what you want them to sound like, but it can only do so much. I’m new to iem’s and the hifi community as a whole, so I can’t give you any recommendations. I can tell you that I would try eqing them first if I really liked their sound signature otherwise.

Hope this helps! Good luck on your iem hunt!

***edit: Oops! almost forgot the link AutoEq/results/oratory1990/harman_in-ear_2019v2/Tin HiFi T2 (foam eartips) at master · jaakkopasanen/AutoEq · GitHub

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What kind of skin allergies? From the metal material?

The T2 plus, Starfield, FiiO FH3- all of them are upgrades over the T2.

I wouldn’t recommend the T2 plus, it is just barely an upgrade, and that is only if you want something slightly more treble focused. The FiiO FH3 is probably a safe bet, but I don’t have experience with it so look into some reviews.

Whenever I wear over-ear headphones I would get really bad rashes. I noticed them when I used to own razer krakens years ago, since then I’ve been using IEMS during my work and gaming sessions. to be fair it was probably the PU leather Razer used, but I also got them with the material the SHP 9500 uses when I would borrow them from a friend.

I’ll try the EQ. Ive seen them recommended in other forums thanks man! if it works out you might have just saved me money haha.

No problem and good luck!

If it helps, this is what I use on Equalizer APO with my Tin T2 to raise the sub bass without making it muddy (to my ears at least).

Preamp: -6 dB
Filter: ON LS Fc 67 Hz Gain 6 dB Q 0.7
Filter: ON PK Fc 290 Hz Gain -2.2 dB Q 0.55

I find this filters make up for the lack of punch in the bass which is the only real drawback of the T2 in my opinion.