Tin T2 vs T2 Pro for mixing/production

Hello folks, I am here today to inquire on a purchase I am on the verge of making. On Drop right now they are selling discounted versions of the Tin T2/T2 pros, and I am at a crossroads. I know items aren’t perfect for producing/mixing compared to genuine studio headphones, but I feel they’d be versatile for being my foray for such type of headphone plus being a all around good damn headphone. Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

The t2 is great laid back non offensive sometimes boring iems. I’m not a fan of the t2 pro though much too bright for my tastes so if your at all treble sensitive I would go the t2 instead of the pro

I mean I hear the pro is heavy on treble, which is why I’m a tad worried about ordering it due to me going to drive it for both music and mixing. I’m still on the fence as I also hear the bass is a bit richer on the pro’s.

What budget are you working with here? Etymotic ER2XR would be real sweet for studio work

Tbh I am trying to cop one of these pairs. I rather not step over the bounds I’m paying for them as is. The Drop deal is really fucking sweet hence why I’m more so just sticking for choosing one of the 2.

Ah gotcha, well from my experience I would be more comfortable using the t2 over the t2 pro for production

Though now im sorta intrigued, how much are the Etymotic ER2X?

On Amazon they are 120, you might be able to find cheaper elsewhere possibly. They are pretty dang great for the price for how neutral they are and the detail and refinement you get for the price, would definitely feel comfortable doing studio work with them

The xr has a bit of a subbass bump over the sr, but otherwise I think they are very close

Welp that answered my question lol. I’ll keep it in the journal for stuff to get later. But yea, so my best best for production would be the base tin t2’s?

Yeah I would just go with the regular tin t2

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You can also get the Final audio E1000, includes the Type E tips that is extremely good.

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Gotcha. What about the cable though, I thought it was a tad better on the pro’s hence why the “superior” bass

Also a solid pick as well

The pro has a different tuning, the cable doesn’t really play a role in that imo

Hm. I was considering the e1000’s but I thought the Tins are a steal at 35$ on Drop while the base e1000’s I could really order by my next paycheck. And can’t I buy the tips on their own…?

The tips almost cost as much as the iem alone lol

For now I would just stick with the t2 for the better detail imo, but I do slightly prefer the signature of the e1000

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Dont have the T2 so cant compare myself that what Mon says should be true going of from my T3. The T2 might have better details, but the signature of the E1000 is more “true” neutral as the T2 is more bright-neutral.

Yes, imo the t2 is more bright neutral for sure

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Sadly the build quality of the E1000 leaves much to be desired…and also the non-replaceable cable…

Guess you dont know any other iems that is an upgrade to the E1000? Like even the Tin P1, Moondrop KXXS, Blessing 2 is bright-neutral and not true neutral…

I mean I would say the Etymotics but it’s not a direct upgrade, but would fill the same role imo