Tin t2s of overears?

So the t2s are hypebeast God level just the thing. Zeos said to just buy those, when watching his micca rb42 review he had a similar reaction. Joentell also said they were budget kings the hypebeast. So hype they kept on selling out over and over again. Is there such a thing for headphones? A headphone so good and reasonably or cheap priced that deserves such a title?

Well, I feel that there’s a fair amount of headphones that would fit that lol. The dt880 600 ohm actually kinda matches the signature of the t2 but better imo, but I don’t think that’s what you are looking for

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Have you gave any of the cheap Koss headphones a look?

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I mean the ksc75 or kph30i pretty much are budget champs

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Not what I’m looking for with the same or similar hype, but definitely what I’M looking for. Those are my next babies

The thing is with Koss, they are onear no?

Not really what I meant

There dosent seem to be a uniform instinctual answer like there is with speakers and iems

For a long time it was the 58X or 6XX, both had a lot of hype and a lot of people think they are much better than the price point.
I don’t have 58X, I do have 6XX’s but I didn’t choose to buy them, they’re a nice headphone and scale very well with amp quality.

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Oh interesting, 56x is indeed a name I’ve come across alot with cheaper headphones!

Just a disclaimer, not interested in buying anything new for a while. And when I do it will be a dac. When I finally get equipment I am interested in the DT 880.i was just curious about the equivalent hypewise to the t2s. Worthwise too

Shp9500,x2,58x,4xx were a lot of people’s ‘first’. Similar as the T2 as a first entry point to iems.


Oh yeah I’ve heard of some of those too! Interesting stuff

Shp 9500s are the over ear hype kings and are the over equivalent to the t2’s I hesitate to reccomend the t2 and the 9500s similarly.

Honestly I would just try the KSC75 for how low the cost is. Maybe not close to Tin T2 sound, but at 15 dollars on Amazon I would consider that a steal.

The KSC75s are great, IMO. I generally pick them up over the T2, T4s… etc… whenever I go out and need headphones. They are open back though so they don’t isolate and leak plenty, but I prefer it so I can still interact with people and have conversations while using them.


Lol at least you can. My parents order me to take my headphones off when talking to them even if nothing is playing. They say it’s ‘disrespectful’.
Personally I don’t see a problem if you are able to talk fine.

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Kph30i are on ear budget beast. Easily one of my favorite headphones. You just never expect them to sound as good as they do.

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I mean disrespectful is stretching it buuuuut maybe not a bad idea

Yeah, there’s a way to be chill about it lol at the same time lol.