TinHIFI T3 Plus nozzle or neck repair


This is my first post here.

I was trying to change the tips on my TinHifi T3 Plus, but the adhesive for the nozzle came off. What would be a good fix for this? Is there a specific adhesive I need? Or would a strong tape suffice?

I think it’s best for you is to talk the seller that you bought it from and have it replaced if it’s under warranty. Other than that, I am not sure what to tell you about that particular problem you have right now.

Also, I will keep that one in mind as a possible issue that can occur to my own set of T3 Pluses as well, but so far it’s doing pretty well. Hope yours will be resolved soon, for the T3 Plus is just good for its given price point.

E8000 glue is good.

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Ah yes, the simple adhesive fix on every thing that got broken. I never thought of that solution to be honest. It would probably be a fix though since the T3 Plus is made out of resin instead of steel. I am just a fan of the T3 Plus’ fit for it’s a very perfect fit to my ears and it sucks that it can get broken like that.