Tinnitus and Immersive gaming...help me get lost in sound and music

so I play game immersive game…Diablo3 and 4 when it comes out…WOW, Skyrim. 7 days to die, Lots or RPGs. play a few FPS but don’t care about foot steps…i just want to get lost in the Music and sounds of a game. I also have Tinnitus in my left ear.

been watching a lot of Z Reviews any other. Looking for a Good gaming headphone no mic needed. Ones will make you feel part of the game if ya know what i mean.
So far i have

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6
Audio-Technica ATH-M60X
FiiO Q3 for amp\dac

So I’m looking to spend about 300 give or take on headphone and amp\dac combo.
thank you for any info you all could give me not just one the ones above but anything better as well.


A comment about tinnitus - does it change when you move/flex/turn/whatever your head? If it does, it’s your neck (stiff muscles and trapped nerves). I’ve been able to reduce my tinnitus to almost inaudible levels through neck exercises.

If you have a decent amp I would definitely recommend Dekoni’s version of the Fostex TRP50. Fun bass, mids are there and treble doesn’t get over bearing.

I am mainly a competitive gamer, but I do have tinnitus in my left ear. I haven’t tried these headphones yet, but the one that comes to mind for fun use in that price range (but is harder to get and can take a while to get if ordered, but is worth it) is the Modhouse Argon Mk2/Mk3. It might be similar to what @Etroze86 said, but it is a really well made modded version of the Fostex T50RP/T60RP.

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