Tiny Nobsound/Douk BT desk Amps - bang for the buck?

Anyone own any of these? I’m not talking about the tube amps (although i guess i’m open to them if they’re only about $40), but rather tha NS-10g, NS-20g, Q100, and a few others. I think that Douk audio has a pretty good rep, does it not? They look to be packed with features and a cursory glance at youtube shows a guy who loves the entire line and thinks that they’re plenty powerful. If they weren’t so cheap on Aliexpress, i’d order half of them and just keep the one i like. They range from around $20-40 with or without the AC adapter

I have an old Technics reciever in my bedroom/desk and it’s far too bulky. I just need something small that can drive my 6.5in bookshelf speakers at my desk, and maybe even plug my TH-X00 into if it’s reasonably clean. Doesn’t even need to get loud (speakers) because it’s a 11x11 room in an apartment complex. Let me know if anyone has tried them! Looks like they keep putting out newer/revised models and actually do a great job of fixing/adding features each year. and the Bluetooth and USB Input are bonus. A couple even have these cool digital VU/volume meters, which might be worth the price of admission in and of itself!

Here’s links to some of them for ease of finding them:

From my experience any decent vintage amp/receiver from 70s is much much better then any Chinese class D amplifier.
My complaints to class D are: high frequency hiss and “lame” sound (have 2 SMSL amps). Vintage amplifiers usually have more “fun” in the sound, mainly due to far from flat frequency response and THD levels.

Just talking power, this Nobsound will be powerful enough

I have one of the Nobsound big knob amps I’ve been using for almost two years to power a set of 2-way Sony MH 150 bookshelf ( modified with second order crossovers @ 1500hz ) speakers on a desk . I used the USB input instead of the PC DAC and I get very little noise. I just use a good 6amp switching 15V power brick. I leave the volume set to about 75% and use my computers volume.

I buy one after reading this review…(Almost everything for almost nothing)


For now i’m very happy with it.
Just drive some very small speakers.

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