Tips for 7hz Timeless

Hi. I recently bought the 7hz Timeless and I’m really enjoying it so far. But my ear canals are really small and i was thinking if there were more comfortable aftermarket tips.

I use the smallest black silicon ones that comes with the Timeless. To me they are the better sounding and almost there in terms of comfort, but they still hurt after 1-2 hours.

I heard some good things about the Azla Xelastec (ss). But since i live in Brazil, and they are a bit expensive, i wanted to make sure it is the best option before i buy it.

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Wish I could help. I got lucky as the timeless is one of my best fitting iems. I don’t see how tips can help. Maybe tips won’t make a difference. I have never gotten an iem with as many tip options as the timeless. If one of those won’t help it’s hard to imagine one that will. maybe you can sell it to get the shuore :v:

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I mostly use spinfit cp100+ for everything. Mix of small and extra small based on the iem itself. Basically the only tips I can wear for extended periods of time without my ear canals itching. I have smalls on my timeless and they fit perfect.

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I’m using spinfit cp100. They’re the most comfortable I’ve tried and suit Timeless well.

Good luck OP :+1:

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From what I’ve seen, tips can make a big difference in comfort. And since the Black Silicon ones that comes with it are almost comfortable enough. I think aftermarket tips can help, especially because there are even smaller tips to choose from.

Thanks. Since a lot of people recommend the cp100 and Azla Xelastec, i bought a pair of each (ss size) to test it. I hope it will be worth the price, and the wait (from Aliexpress).

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I second the best fitting part, I went back and forth before gettIng them because of how I thought they might fit, and I feel like I hit the jackpot, however I tried foam tips, and they just don’t go well with them for me

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Finally my tips arrived! Much better comfort.

Xinhs 4 core Graphene cable + Spinfit CP100 :black_heart:


Good to know. Still waiting for mune, ordered from AliExpress :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it will be a nice upgrade in terms of comfort

I have tried Whizzer SS 20’s Spinfit 100 and Azla Short and the Azlas are a clear winner for my ears sonically it’s a no contest

I have the same issue small ear canals…I use Dekoni Mercury size Small foam tips for all my long neck IEMs…good seal and they feel very comfortable

I have small ear canals, and I typically use Spinfit CP100+. They have a slightly tackier material than the standard CP100, and they stay better for me.

For the Timeless I actually used the Acoustune AET08 tips that came with it, the dark blue with red interior is their small, and I like them enough, that I tracked down a few pairs to try on other IEMs. I only put that there, because you described yours as black, I am guessing they changed those tips out.

About the only tips that I use that are more comfortable than those two are the Final Audio Series E. They are really soft and flex nicely, they also come in extra small, which might solve your problem. If you want both sizes the smart way to get a full set of them is to buy the Final E500 IEM. It comes with the all 5 tip sizes and in the US is only a couple bucks more. If those end up being the solution, Final sells a pack of three pairs for about $22 USD. I am not sure how the pricing will work where you are, but Final Audio is a big brand and in both brick and mortar as well as most online shops. I found the Final E XS too small for me, the S is a bit smaller than the CP100 small, and is the right size, but everyone is different.

Have not tried the Finals but I have them The Sednas for me were so much better I have not bothered

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I know that some folks really like those. The sednas solved my fit issues on the BL-03 back, so they have some magic. I have both the IEM in the regular and a TWS pair in the crystal. I like the material on the crystal type, but the regular ones hold better since it stickier or tackier.