Tips for Thieaudio Legacy 3

I’ve tried both the Mercury and Gemini Dekoni foam tips. Even the smallest sizes of both types feel uncomfortable. Does anyone know of foam tips that have a smaller outer diameter that might fit better with these iems?

Can’t help with wee foamies but Final do Silicon in xs or ss as they call them.

I don’t know what they are, but the Foams that come with the Reecho and Peacock Spring 1 work great for me, I use them on this IEM and it does not cause too much canal pressure etc.

I use symbio f with mine. Those work for me on almost every IEM i have

I use Comply Isolation T400 tips, with body heat the memory foam gets incredibly soft and after a few minutes the pressure just floats away.


If it’s just that they feel to big then you will probably need silicon tips as foams will always be a bit bigger. If it is another issue like itching then the Symbio F tips are great.


I can’t use silicon tips with the L3 because of the vacuum on my inner ear the L3 creates so I have to use foam. I am using comply sport tips at the moment but Dekoni Mercury medium also work well for me.

I couldn’t use foam tips until I learned this trick… Instead of compressing the foam, reach over your head and grab the top of your ear and gently pull up on it. You should feel your inner ear opening up, this is straightening out your ear canal. Insert the IEM tip deep into your ear until you can feel a proper seal. Slowly let go of your ear and you should be able to feel your inner ear compress down on the tip and create a very good seal. Holding the IEM in place for a little bit helps the foam properly form around the inside of your ear. Sometimes I rotate the tip around in my ear to really seat it and help create the best seal possible.

This actually made a huge difference for me getting a good seal with foam and silicone tips.

Hope this helps you as well.


I picked up T400 tips from your suggestion. The small and medium tips are both really comfy. Thanx for the rec m8