Tom Christiansen Audio HPA-1

Has anybody heard this amp? It was a big hit on ASR due to the measurements.

It’s good, but honestly it’s nothing super special. It is a very clean and transparent amp, but nothing jumps out to me when I heard it

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Good to see you back on your game!

(Referring to time to reply :grinning:)

Lol that wasn’t even quick, I’ve just been busy this week lol

SQ rating compared to Atom and RNHP on the one hand plus Mapletree on the other, please?

Please let me know if your seeing the pictures?


The images do not show for me. You might have to upload the specific file instead of linking from audiocircle to get it to show

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Righto ! Thanks will fix.

Hmmmm, I think it’s a higher class above the atom, but not at rnhp level yet imo. The MAD amps it would depend on which one you are talking about (and it’s going to be pretty different because it’s either going to be otl or set)

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Thanks for the review lost

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OK the pix should be there!!



Thanks. Far as I can tell the only MAD that would be appropriate for me would be the Sidewinder. OTL seems to have high output impedances.

That is correct. The sidewinder is going to be fairly different than the hpa-1 lol

If you are looking to run low impedance headphones like Grado’s, they will recommend the Ear+ HD II. Even the guy that makes the Sidewinder. You can email him on their website and he will respond within a day.

Which is strange, but I would trust the designer lol

I know, right?

Well, the Ear+ HD II still has only a 4 Ohm output impedance, which just meets the theoretical 1/8th cut-off for the 32 Ohm Grados. I tentatively ruled it out because I have no need for extras like a pre-amp. Sadly, as much as I’d love to support a small Canadian shop, doesn’t look like this will be that occasion, either HPA-1 or MAD.

What is it you trying to drive?

I am trying to drive Grado and similar so I have narrowed it down to the Ear+ HDII and the Hagerman Tuba.
Although I have written off hybrids as being no use to me, someone posted a sale yesterday on the Liquid Platinum. And I do love the Cavalli sound…
I have been chatting back forth with Dr. Cavalli this afternoon asking questions.

I am in analysis paralysis. I am going to pick something tomorrow damn it! All three are $1,000.00/$1,100.00 landed in the great white north.

My pick would be the tuba, but it would depend on the price you can get them for vs the MAD

DT 1990 with slight possibility of Focal Clear. But even that looks iffy at this point.