Topping A30 enough for 250ohms

Looking at getting a pair of Dt770s for gaming/music. Looking at the 250Ohm versions, which I’ve read can be hard to push. I have a Topping stack already consisting of the D30 and PA3 for speakers. I’d like to just add the a30 to complete the stack in a sense, but not sure if they’ll be able to push the dt770 well. Open to any other suggestions y’all may have.

Please and thank you in advance.

Yeah that should be fine imo, for the 250 ohm you should have no issues. I would personally prefer the magni 3+ or liquid spark instead but the a30 would fit nicer into the stack and not have issues. The biggest complaint I have with the a30 is the higher output impedance, but with the 250 ohm you shouldn’t have issues

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