Topping A30pro (has potential)

Audiophonics is unfortunately sometimes a bit expensive.
As a European, it is sometimes worth comparing whether ordering from Shenzenaudio would not be cheaper.
The Little Dot Mk VI costs just under 1200€ at Audiophonics and should include the normal version without upgrade.
And for that money you can buy the upgrade version directly from Little Dot.

yes but audiophonics it is cheaper for me to buy an ncore amp for 350US instead of paying 600 - 1200 anywhere else and none in the US. pretty good deals sometimes. even for US

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The performance at high gain is terrible compared to L30. It’s really bad that L30 caused so many problems for people because it’s still Topping’s best amp, especially for the price.

The only image avaiable online of the pcb is this small part

It seems a single endend so the balanced output is fake apparently.

There are enough Op-Amps there to run “2 per phase”.
The peripheral components like potentiometer would make it very obvious what is going on (unless voltage controlled amp or Digipots, etc.)

Yes a complete pcb image will clarify better, I know that seems odd since for half of the price they produce the a50s that is balanced even if works with unbalanced input only. But the 2 parts after the opamps seems to be a push and pull output stage and also in the description they wrote “optimized for terrific single ended performance”. :man_shrugging:

XLR in @300Ohm:

Unbalanced Output: 730mW

Balanced Output: 813mW

Guess it’s balanced after all.

The A30Pro and D30Pro will be $400

any comparison with Jotunheim 2 ?


I wish Zeos had tried DT880 600ohm with A30pro considering how powerful it is single-ended.

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I have a Topping A30 Pro and it really surprised me. I was expecting it to sound similar to the THX AAA 789 that I previously owned, but it sound less analytical and sharp then I expected. Granted, the DAC I used was the Bifrost 2. Switching back and forth between the Flux Labs FA-12S and Topping A30 Pro, the differences in tonality is subtle.


Same, that was what I was looking for

Is the 30 pro sterile or lean sound signature? Please describe sound signature;)

no, doesn’t sound too sterile as the A90,
on par with Jotunheim 2,


Well this is interesting opinion, i bought su-9 and waiting for it, just because of curiosity, and thinking of amp to pair with it, i heard that SH-9 is not so good for SU-9 dac, it deserves better amplifier… And if A30 pro is not sterile and on par with Jotunheim 2 on sound signature i will buy it, im still waiting for more reviews or forum feedbacks, but very small amount of info. I wanted to order Jotunheim 2, and on schiit site 4-6 weeks delay specified. If A30 pro with sound quality and signature on par with flux fa-12s and Jotunheim 2 i will order it. I’m just worried that it is lean, sterile or digital sounding like L30 amp or something like this…

This is interesting i had to own previously fa-12s and it is far from sterile:) Maybe i will pull the trigger in a few days:) Maybe this will sound strange, but i prefer more colored sound of Asgard 3 to 12s, yes 12s has more resolution, but with Asgard 3 i just enjoy music more. I want to continue of looking of higher end headphone amp to replace the Asgard 3, maybe this topping a30 pro should give a try.

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I’ve had the 30pro stack about a week, and while my sample size of dac/amps is very small, I’m a happy boy.

I previously was using the FiiO K3, so this was a huge investment comparatively. The K3 is fairly neutral, but has an elevated noise floor. My super easy to drive 18ohm m1060c’s can hear the noise floor on low gain with the K3 cranked, and not playing anything. It’s not terrible and high gain makes it much easier to hear. The A30 pro is so quiet cranked at high gain that if there is anything I can’t tell the difference between my imagination and any actual sound(aka I can’t hear anything).

That ends what I can say soundwise is a fact about the stack. Here are other things that have stood out to me, although they are subtle and could just be placebo. Note separation/depth/whatever you want to call it is slightly better. On certain tracks I have a slightly easier time telling hearing the individual notes on something with a large number of fast notes. The other thing is that vs the FiiO K3 the highs are less sharp, aka when listening at similar volumes highs are slightly less shrill.

Back to facts, but not specifically sound related. The D30pro does a better job of switching from Foobar flac back to youtube/game audio. I’ll still have to close foobar then hit play on youtube videos, but with the K3 I had to turn the thing off and on again in order for it to work right. The dac also has a lot more inputs and balanced outs. On top of that the screen is a nice to have.

The A30 pro has a ton of power, to the point where I’ve literally never listened to music on anything, but low gain. When you flip the switch to turn it on/off there’s this delayed little click sound, and I love it. This has more outputs/inputs as well when compared to the K3.

Overall the sound of my headphones wasn’t dramatically different(they are all fairly easy to drive), but the extra headroom for future headphones and the feature leave this boy happy.

The one thing that I can say is worse is the heat output. The stack get pretty warm, not like burn your had warm or anything, but warmer than the K3. I’m not very experienced so this is likely normal, and just a nuance of such a huge upgrade over my old equipment.

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Has anyone directly compared the A30 pro and A90?

Fun fact the opa1656 was a relatively recent opamp that Texas instruments made and it’s a very high spec with low THD.
It was recommended to me by a TI engineer on diyaudio. The A30 uses 10 of these which is super interesting and makes me want to get it over an A90.

I use two of the 1656’s in my HPA-3B (beast), it pictured here with two Chinese oracle ii opamps. I usually run the opa1656 or burson v5i’s. This particular unit was modded with sparkos voltage regulators.

The HPA’s stand out feature is about double the power of a 789 @300/600 ohm. It also has a massive potentiometer and it works excellent with IEMs or hard to drive headphones.

In light of that the A30P really has me interested.

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I got the amp and it’s by no means THX sterile, It says on senzhenaudio website that if you use above 250ohm gear it goes full class-A, I dont have double of anything thats 250+ and actually only HD650 and DT990 pro(that I dislike on anything, acceptable with PEQ at best) so I cant really A/B it. got a pair of 58X but no DB meter to level match them. anyone know if its possible for this OP based little beast to go class-A :S I got it for IEM reasons and it fufilled that need gracefully.

Just turned on A30 pro, and get wow just straight from the box, powerful clean sound. I think price performance is very good. Will give it some time to burn in, and give it a listen later. Actually i did not expect that sound level from topping device.
But build quality a little bit weak, switches move to different sides, volume pot feels weak, not like absolute garbage, but i think you should carefully use it. One thing i wish it has more sub-bass in comparison to Asgard 3

Update: A30 pro gets hot only in 30 minutes after power up.

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