Topping a50s and d50s for beyerdynamic dt990 pro 250 ohms

Hello everyone im here asking for help in regards to looking into purchasing the topping a50s and d50s stack for my beyerdynamic dt990 pro 250 ohm headphones. This will be my upgrade from a creative Soundblasterx g6 which is not working right anymore. I will also be using blon bl03’s with this stack. All help is greatly appreciated.

it would drive those headphones no problem, i have DT 880 250 ohm and its ok but in some scenarios / songs i can max the volume, i mean its loud but it could be louder, for comparison i was unable to go close or past 3 oclock on Topping A50 in the same scenarios where i can max volume on A50s and its not even close to not maxed A50

problem is that D50s, as maybe all DACs in this price range, have standard 2 Vrms output and A50s with 2 Vrms input signal gets only 52mW @ 300 ohms which is way less than what A50 offered, 160mW @ 300 ohms with standard 2 Vrms input

i dont know how much volts do you need to get those 192mW @ 300 ohms on A50s, but i guess 3 or 4 Vrms

im asking on this forum what can i do to get more Vrms without breaking the bank and if in the end there is nothing i can do i think i go back to A50… i wanted Schiit in the first place but i live in Europe and its unavailable here for more than a year

so if you dont mind that you would not have any reserve then its fine, it can drive those headphones but if you want some reserve or get it loud, u cant always achieve that with A50s with 2 Vrms input voltage

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if you don’t care about stack aesthetics, i’d say the a30 pro is a better choice. when you get into the 250 ohm territory it goes full class a and has a lot of features like ground loop switch and bal in/out. also out of all the cheap super linear dacs i’ve tried, they’re pretty much all the same and i actually liked my smsl m300 mkii a lot and it was cheap compared to most other options with the features it had.

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