TOPPING A70 Pro Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier

I thought this was a typo at first. Anyone have some hard to drive headphones? :crazy_face:

  • Output levels
    • 17,000mW x2 @16Ω
    • 12,600mW x2 @32Ω
    • 6,000mW x2 @64Ω
    • 1,370mW x2 @300Ω
    • 670mW x2 @600Ω

Wonder if it’s actually going to be worthwhile or not, most headphones wouldn’t benefit from that much juice, and the ones that typically might aren’t well served by brute force approach

Maybe the HE6 or dt880 600 ohm, however the later would need modified balanced wire.
But that is a fair point, just because it has more than enough power doesn’t mean there will be good synergy. I’m interested what the reviewers will say, but can’t see myself getting one.

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Off the top of my head only headphones that might actually take advantage of the raw power would be the susvara and he6, the k1000 (possibly), perhaps some of the really low impedance stuff like older (or newer) dan clark/mrspeakers (assuming it can actually handle the load well), and a lot of older vintage stuff like an akg k340

For higher impedance stuff like the 880 600 ohm or the k1000 or whatnot there are amps that are better geared from a power perspective to handle those like for example around a similar price the violectric V222 which is more around 1w at 600 ohms or 1.8w at 300 ohms, or more with higher vio options, another would be spl phonitor or whatnot. But that’s also not accounting for synergy and such, just raw power output. Honestly also some tube amps might be better suited at driving the 880 load wise, but again depends.

Just a case of the power levels being way way way more overkill than most any headphone would need (although we’ve been past that point for awhile lol). Lot more important about the quality of the power rather than quantity, and given past topping amps I’ve tried they’d much rather throw quality out the door for more quantity lol. The higher they move up in the price bracket, the tougher and tougher competition they have, and they already weren’t doing well in the 500 range in that regard imo

Honestly more interested in how people will compare it to the A90D and if people think it’s a larger, smaller, or nonimprovement to the sound lol, or actually how it fares vs the LA90