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  • Fully Discrete Balanced Headphone Amplifier NFCA
  • 2 Gain Settings
  • 4Pin XLR /4.4 Balanced/6.35mm SE Output

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I am looking to get the Topping A90 Discrete combo with the D90LE. I just want to know how many watts per channel does it have for 32ohms, 300ohms, and 600ohms. I want to know since I have partial hearing lost on my left ear and I want to make sure I have enough volume to play with, so that I don’t have to worry about volume.


Does 500mw X2 equals to 1w? I looking for something that can power the Beyerdynamic DT 880 efficiently and have plenty of volume to play with

Only going to ask one more time if your DT880 are balance-modded before I start assuming you don’t own them. 500mw per channel, do not comp that to 1wpc.

It would have been great if you had just pulled this spec from Topping, or posted it in the A90 thread. Keeps the forum tidy for users.

250mw vs 500mw is 1db more for the dt880’s. not a huge difference. this amp should drive them to about 104db’s se and 105db balanced.

No the DT 880 is stock

I would not look at amps that are designed with a preference towards their balanced output.

Lake People G105 mkii offers 600mw at 600Ω with balance control. Case closed.

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I don’t see a website, where I can buy one, can you provide a link or a alternative?

Do some work, I’m not on commission here.


Thank you so much :pray::relaxed::100:

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I have a bit of right ear hearing loss ( Pro Audio Concert and Car SPL background catching up to me) so a thought that right now I use a Xduoo MT-604 amp and love the Left/Right Volume controls.
I also can use the plugin for the Hiby R6 2020 for balance so fixed two ways.

But here is a question for you fine people:

If I buy the new Topping A90 Discreet and use the MT-604 as a preamp am I killing the point of the A90 SQ?

Love the sound of the Xduoo not sure how much difference I will hear with the A90 as I have not heard just the glowing reviews or just skip the MT-604 all together and go strait A90?

Cheers J.

Guess I found one of my next money burns…

The day was going well. F***.


@nymz There is always something “else.” Sympathies.

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MT-604 has no preouts.

Your correct the MT-604 has no preout it’s just a amp. My whole idea was to get the tube effect and separate L&R what’s stops me from sending the 4.4 out to the Topping XLR in ?

Anyone know of a tube preamp that you would recommend not too much $ or a better solution.I like the tube sound.
Even better if would have separate L&R Bal controls

I’d suggest going for a tube amp if you prefer the tube sound, I’ve never really found a tube pre into a SS amp quite as good at least into headphones. Depends on the headphone that you use though I guess.

I don’t think the voltage out and output impedance from the actual headphone output will be good to put into an amps input

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