Topping A90 / THX 789

I now have both the Topping A90 and the Drop THX 789 amps.

Which one would you keep if you had to get rid of one?

probably the A90 as THX was a fad that’s come and gone. good for movies…not so much music.

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I haven’t heard the A90, but the THX AAA 789 is pretty bad for music. Sterile, 2D presentation, lacking in dynamics. I haven’t sold mine yet (original branding, i.e. non-Drop branding) because I like how it looks underneath my CTH (a better sounding amp imo to the 789), a lot of people know its sound when I’m reviewing headphones, and it serves as a reminder of what I do not like in a solid state amp. Of course, if I can sell it for $600 (at the time of purchase, they were $800 brand new on ebay), they’d be gone already.

My current amp collection with me right now are the CTH, Liquid Platinum, Marantz MM 7025, a Bryston 3b-ST, and the THX AAA 789. The 789 is by far the least listened amp.

I just avoid Topping in general for their QC issues.