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  • XLR & 4.4mm BAL out, 1/4 inch SE out, XLR & RCA in, XLR & RCA pre out
  • 6.2 WPC @ 32 ohms BAL, 2 WPC @ 32 ohms SE, < 0.1 ohms output impedance
  • 3 gain settings, switchable headphone and pre out

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Saw this on another site… New Topping A90 to go with the D90…


Seems pretty nice, liking the look of the stack, I wonder if output impedance is going to be an issue in typical topping fashion


Yes, I am liking the stack look aswell…

Seems to be going for best measurements, and the output impedance seems to be very low, so that’s good that it’s finally been addressed

This might be my favorite looking stack I’ve seen tbh, it looks great!

Also looks like it is out of my price range though haha

high output impedance can me a problem for sensitive iem’s. Any reason why every amp isn’t made to be low impedance? Is it based on the design limitations? Cost? Could an amp have a dial to control the output impedance kind of like a volume or gain switch?

It’s a compromise.
Circuits with 0 or low feedback, which are sometimes considered to sound good have higher output impedance.
Designs with lots of feedback get better measurables and lower output impedance.
Feedback can also be local or global a lot of ways to make an Amp.
Depends what your optimizing for.
There is also a lot of scope between 0.01 ohms and 50 ohms.

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Yeah seems like a killer combo… These might be some good go to combos in 2020. I’m kind of attracted to a A90/M400 mix.

SMSL SP200 ($300) -> SMSL M400 (~$600)
Topping A90 (~$500) -> Topping D90 ($700)
Drop THX 789 ($300) -> Gustard DAC-X22 ($1000)

Now up for pre-order for $499 on apos.

The D90/A90 is probably a hell of a stack. I (and many others) love the D90, and if the A90 follows suit it will be a great performer.

I wonder how it compares to the RNHP

now they need to add a 3rd piece, an amp to drive speakers. then we would have a complete matching stack…

Not interested in the A90 (RebelAmp is love) but a speaker amp would be very interesting.

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Yep by the end of this summer we will be seeing massive reviews/comparisons between the D90/A90 from Topping and M400/SP400 (to be released in June) from SMSL. I probably will wait until the end of summer to purchase a new amp/dac combo as active bookshelves are up next. But I’ll be watching the A90/SP400/RebelAmp prices and see if any used ones pop up.


For sure.

Fwiw my money is on Topping for performance, and SMSL for features and case shape creativity.

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And aimpre for stealing the design and making a worse quality copy lol


Decided to pick one of these up, just curious to see what topping can do in terms of amps in the price bracket


Definitely do a writeup on this one. Topping has been outperforming itself of late. You always talk about how you can do better than THX amps for improving the sound quality of a lot of higher end HPs. Getting the feeling that this one will do well in scaling up to high end cans.

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Well now I’m not going to lol

Ah yes, of course, complaining about thx as always

I hope, although I look at those numbers and think “huh, they might have used a lot of negative feedback for this one,” curious if they can balance the numbers to sound ratio

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