Topping A90D + (usb dongle or BT dac)

Hello everyone!
I’m getting Hifiman he6se v2 and on market for beafy amp/dac.
The idea it should be more or less movable, I’m going to move it up/downstairs constantly, so, a stack is not a favorite option.
I’m down to Hifiman EF400 and (my favorite at the moment) Topping A90D + portable dac.

Is it a terrible idea to feed Topping A90D from Qudelix-5k or iBasso DC05? (I have those and using them with IEMs.)

Thanks a lot for your advices!

You’re moving the amp around frequently? Honestly it doesn’t seem like it be much more effort to also move a desktop DAC along with amp. Just use short cables.

I wouldn’t recommend those DACs as a permanent option. But they’re most likely fine to use with the A90. DACs usually have minimal impact on the final sound.

Why not look at an ifi signature or diablo? All the power and a good DAC without lugging a bunch of stuff around.