Topping BC3 Bluetooth Wireless Receiver

Hello everyone

This is my first time posting on a forum of any kind.

Can anyone share their opinion on the Topping BC3?

It is a $69 battery power wireless bluetooth receiver with a optical and 3.5mm out. The streaming use possibilities could be endless. it could replace the $649 Chord Poly, BTR5. I have it connected to my Onkyo A9010 dac with an optical cable and the 3.5mm. I can switch between the internal dac in the Onkyo and Saber in the BC3. I am a total noob so I am looking the Pros opinions.

I had mine for about a week and a half.
Although i enjoyed it for that time period, one day it just stopped working. Im in the middle of trying to return it.

Just an update. The optical out died on the BC3 after about 50 hours of use.