Topping D10 Balanced. Any good?

Been looking for a balanced DAC for my THX 789. The Topping D10 Balanced looks like it could be a great budget option.

Just wanted to know if anyone has experience with the D10 Balanced, or is it worth saving up for a D30 PRO? Or maybe a Geshelli Labs J2


what kind of sound do you prefer? I think the D10 Balanced will be neutral to cool, which your THX 789 already is. if you think some warmth would be complementary, look for a used iFi Zen DAC.

Neutral is preferred, and cool is fine. I could possibly pair with warmer cans if needed.

cans are influenced more by the chain than the chain by the cans. but if you like neutral / cool sound, then go for it! :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve herd good things about the D10s, so I imagine the D10 Balanced will be fine.

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