Topping D10 work on linux?

I want to buy this, but i dont know if it will work on ubuntu based distros.

It should work just fine, but you might have issues with native DSD playback (but you could always just use D2P). If USB did happen to not work properly, you could always just use optical (if your machine has it)

Thanks, DSD is not a problem, but you said that will work fine because is xmos based? (i was reading a little) if so, is xmos the cpu of the dac? or what is xmos?

XMOS is the usb chipset/micro controller I believe

USB DAC working on Linux *buntu isn’t even a question, as long as it follows the official USB Audio protocols, v1 or v2, you can pretty much bet money it’s going to work right out of the box. This is more a Windows question, where you often have to fiddle with drivers and stuff, and even then it’s not all Launch-Next-Next-Next-Finish. :slight_smile:

There are linux drivers for XMOS, if you think you need them.

At most rates over 24bit 96k (or 192k if depending on the device) you might have issues though without drivers, and native dsd, but yeah there shouldn’t be a problem

But asio support is a different story

Thanks, based on your answer i will buy this DAC if another one don’t catch my atention

Hello, I realize this is an old thread, but I’m interested in the same question with a twist: I’d like the Linux box to show up as a player for the Logitech Media Server. Has anyone done this? If so, How?