🔷 Topping D10s

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  • USB in, coax and toslink out, rca line out
  • ES9038Q2M, 32/384:
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PCM 384kHz
THDD+N 0.0002%
Analog + Digital output
More: https://hifigo.com/products/topping-d10s-usb-dac-es9038q2m-dsd256-psd384

Wonder when zeos will get one.

Measures better than the D10, as good as the E30 for 30$ less, even.

It’s ess vs akm, so it comes down to preference and pairing I would say

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Please don’t choose one over the other because there’s a 10dB difference of distortion when your ears were bleeding “30dB ago”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of replacing my E10K with a DAC that will nicely stack with the Liquid Spark, both in terms of sound and physically since I plan to get one of those acrylic tower thingies and put them on my desk.
I’m thinking the D10s would be my best bet since the E30 is a warmer DAC and the Liquid Spark is also a warm Amp and I’m not necessarily looking for a very warm sound (choose the LS to pair with my now deceased DT880). The headphone I will mainly use are the HE400i (2020).
The D10s costs €100, the E30 costs €139, so the D10s is also significantly cheaper. Should I still choose the E30 over the D10s or are there other DACs I should take into consideration?
(No Drop, because Europe and customs and delivery and all that)

Another option would be the FX-audio DAC-X6 MK II which has Bluetooth which would be really nice to have. However if the sound is significantly worse than the D10s I prefer to lose Bluetooth over sound quality.

I’m getting some noise from my PC USB port, if I go USB from PC to D10s to optical out to my main DAC, would it degrade sound quality?