Topping D30 alternatives?

Hi, I was supposed to get the Topping D30 last year but life came in the way and they discountinued the product. The reason for getting the D30 was it’s balanced/rca output and volume control(remote).
Right now I have the T60 Argons and the Singxer SA-1, looking to get the Kali IN-5/8’s later this year(hence the volume control). I’ve been looking for alternatives to the D30 and found these DAC’s to be suitable:
Soncoz SGD1
Sabaj A20D
SMSL D0300

Anyone has any experience with these DAC’s and how they would work with the Singxer SA-1 and T60 Argons? Is it just best to get the cheapest one and call it a day?
Grateful for any input.

I like the knob and sound of my jds labs Element 3 mk 2.

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Thanks, need XLR out unfortunately.

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For just a Dac or do you want a headphone amp with it? What price? Features needed?

Topping E70 is very nice and has balanced out. It’s about 350 US but can be had on sale.

Personally i like the SMSL SU-9n, i use it with the Topping A90D, sounds great overall and the ability to “color” the sound is a real nice touch - being able to tweak the sound slight is not a huge thing but its a nice to have

If you like the SMSL SU-9n I’d go with it. The new D70 Dac with the frequency response graph is very cool and an easy recomendation if you want something to look at while you listen. But it is $700 dollars.

It’s going to be mainly a DAC, volume control for a pair of Kali IN-5/8’s when I can afford them. They SU-9n looks like the best value atm.

Price range? Much of the topping and Smsl lineup is on sale right now. Someone already mentioned the topping e70. I’ve heard the e70v and thought it sounded great for the price. Both are on sale this week, $307 and $395 respectively.

If you wanted to stick with cirrus logic chips, Topping just released a version of the d70 pro that uses 8 cirrus logic chips. It’s also $100 cheaper then the regular d70 pro

Focusing on your list, i think the d300 might add a more flavor to the SA-1. Of the rest, probably the do300. Would you feel comfortable doing the jumper mod to the SA-1? Argons will take all the power you give them

Ive had many on that list, and the D30Pro is available on eBay these days, excellent DAC. I use a Topping E50 with a Samsung ETA0U60JBE charger I checked on a wattmeter that it’s putting out more than the 500ma the DAC requires. It’s flawless with filter #3 and on sale now at Amazon for $25 off. Just have to get RCA 6.35mm to XLR cables, or adapters if you already have them. I use it with a Topping A30Pro amp and no plans to upgrade it, nowhere to go audibly. The SMSL DO200MKII has a huge coupon at Amazon currently, the SMSL SU-9n is also a good choice.