Topping D30 connection to Besign Be-RCA wireless bluetooth receiver

Hi, I"m trying to send my music signal From a Besign Be-RCA wireless Bluetooth through a Topping D30 Dac then into my stereo.

There’s optical in and usb in on the D30, but the BE-RCA only has RCA out. Therefore I have to use an RCA to Usb female cord then plug the Topping factory USB cord into it.

The DAC isn’t recognizing the input signal from the Be-RCA, but it works when i plug the factory USB right into my computer. It sounds amazing and I don’t want to have to return it. Do you have any knowledge of how to get these two to work together?

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Your Besign Bluetooth receiver has a DAC built in, which is converting your digital Bluetooth input signal into an analog signal for output via the RCA jacks.

The Topping DAC does digital to analog conversion, but not the other way around (analog to digital). You cannot input an analog signal into the D30. So in other words, these two pieces of gear are not compatible with each other.

If the goal is to get good sound out of your stereo using a Bluetooth source, you will need something like the new FiiO BTA30. Check that out and see if it will meet your needs.

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With the text above. You also have “Line Out” meaning signal comes out.
You are trying to “Line In” a signal. Dat dont work.

Like mentioned. You need a Amplifier that takes Besign Be-RCA singal in, Line In.

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