Topping D30 get quite warm. Is it safe to use continuously throughout the day?

Recently upgraded from a D10 to a D30 for the extra input option. Unit works perfectly fine, just that it runs a little warm, its not hot, but definitely the warmest out of all the other units i had before (JDS Atom, SMSL 98E, D10, or the MX3). Is it safe to let it run like that during the day (12hrs to 16hrs)? Thanks.

I was thinking of getting a topping D30 as well. As long as its not uncomfortably hot then it should be fine.
Others have recommended the schiit modi 3 to me. Can someone tell me if i need to download drivers for the modi 3? I wanting the D30 since it doesn’t need to have drivers downloaded

Yes. It’s safe as long as it’s not hot, warm is ok.

A little uncomfortable running it warm but I guess it’s fine.

well most electronics naturally get hot to some degree, so I’d say its not much to worry about unless its much much hotter then you think it should run

Thinking of installing a fan at the back to cool my stack.

a small fan should be enough to cool it down. i use a small fan for my ps4 because that thing is a heater and it definitely helps. if you lay your hand on it, can you leave it there for a long time or is so hot that you can’t leave it there for long?

No drivers needed for Modi 3.

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Nah its just warm, warmer than other equipment i have but not hot like my pc. I just feel uncomfortable with it running warmer than the rest.

I leave mine on for days on end… never had an issue…

Okay. Then at least it’s not broken. A small fan will do the trick then