Topping D90 Issue?

Hey all
Wondering if any can shed some guidance on this.
Managed to get a decent deal on a local Topping D90 used. Once I got it, was excited to put it to the test, but as soon as I got it all setup and plugged into the PC it got recognized as “Topping E30” I’ve owned one of those a while ago but i had it for less than a day. AFAIK it should say "Topping DAC USB’ or something.

Wondering if its even worth trying to update/fix it?

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Did you happen to install the usb drivers for the e30 on this system? Thinking maybe the USB driver is reading it as that? Remove the driver from Windows device manager and install the d90 one? FYI if you got an MQA D90 there is a firmware update as well.

That could be it. I’ve had many topping and smsl devices but never has a device registered incorrectly. will try! thanks

How did you go?