Topping D90 up for pre-order... (Better measured than SMSL D1)

The Topping D90 is up for pre order on APOS Audio and some early measurements show better performance than the SMSL D1 at almost half the price.


Dang this thing looks pretty sweet imo, wonder how it sounds

Topping is really on a roll. Exciting stuff ^^

Damn says the recent D1 owner…

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Topping D90 pre order on hifigo dot com

Didn’t I mention yesterday how DACs are the new smart phones? Wait a year, always something mo’ better. Until they all pretty much converge on the same features and functionality.

The price is pretty reasonable.

So the official ASR review of the Topping D90 is out and as expected it did really well with their measurements. I’m very curious to try it for myself, so I decided to order one from APOS Audio to A/B it with the D70 and see if there is any reason to upgrade or buy one over the D70 specifically from a subjective point of view.


sweet, let us know what you think. but i find hard to believe its better than the smsl D1

It does use the new akm ak4499 flagship DAC chips just released, so it might put it at an advantage? I don’t know obviously… I don’t plan to get a D1 to compare. At least on paper it measures quite a bit better than the D1. But I’ll let you know if I feel it does anything compared to the D70.

Looking forward to hear you oppinion.
I am in the market for a standalone DAC and whas considering the SMSL su-8 and the Topping D70; but then the D90 arrived and now I am waiting to hear if that is worth my $.

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Zeos unboxing the D90

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The DAC chip is not really that important as many of them are extremely good these days. What makes the most difference is the output stage and it’s low-pass filters and perhaps those femtosecond clocks


Yeah, probably it’s as you say. I do think the better DAC chips help the designers start from a better place though… but I’m no engineer. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve had some minor issues with… what I believe t to be jitter on toslink, with the D70, though, but may be the fault of the source, it’s hard to say.

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I just took a look at PCB and noticed this dac uses LME49720 and opa1612 opamps that perform very well. Components for power supply are also to my liking as they used ultra low-noise RF linear regulators.

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Interesting that an “MQA” version will also be coming out… I wonder what will be different between the standard D90 and the MQA model (other than the obvious of course)?

Have they done anything more with ‘mqa’ versions in the past? Aside from just adding MQA support.

When does yours arrive?

Should arrive tomorrow according to tracking. I’m going to give myself at least a couple days before giving impressions it though…


There is a licensing cost the manufacturers have to pay for them to include MQA, so there probably isn’t a difference, just handing the licensing fee on to the customer.


Wise choice. Looking forward to your impressions!