Topping DX3 Pro V1 vs V2


I have another question about DX3 Pro V2.

From a few posts i’ve seen that the V2 has bigger outpout impedance that changes some IEMs sound. That doens’t bother me that much beacuse i dont really use IEMs. What bothers me is that the Amp in the V2 should be much worse than the one in V1. I am new to this and i would like to have some something decent that will last for long enough.

Now i’m using Fiio E10K with HD58x(felt mod)+KPH30i and i feel it’s not enough for what i want. In the near future i want to buy DT880 600Ohm and HE4xx.

I have really good price considering the country i am in. I live in Czech Republic so anything like JDS or Monoprice is out for me due to taxes. I was looking also for Fiio K5 Pro, but here it cost more than 30$ more than the DX3 Pro V2. Also in the future i would like to get some powered speakers and listen to music from bed.

I will be really grateful for every reply.

I cannot answer for direct experience so please pay more attention to someone else who can… if they come along. I just see you have no answer yet so will wade in…

The higher output impedance of the v2 should “help” with the DT880 600 Ohm; these “like” higher output amoedance. Question is… still higher impedance amp might be better! Opposite to…

HE4xx are around 35 Ohm headphones I believe. The general rule of thumb is you want the output impedance amp to be 1/8 or less … the “V2” amp has about 10 Ohm, as you say. Which is at least in theory high for the 4xx.

That all said… this “8x” guideline is just that. Might not be a problem at all in practice. I do t know. However, the theoretical issue will be there pretty much no matter what, if trying to find one amp more ideally matched to both of these headphones. They want contradicting things (again, theoretically) as far as output impedance on an amp.

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Yea. I decided to buy Topping L30. It has insanely good numbers and measurements. In the future I will buy D30 but now I will hook it up to my fiio E10K. I bought it from Aoshida-HIFI Audio Store on AliExpress. I’ve had really good communication with them so far. I’m looking forward to try it out

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Probably a better idea, yeah… the L30 looks to be excellent. And separates are more versatile !

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