🔷 Topping DX3 Pro

This is the official thread for the Topping DX3 Pro. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Headphone amp
  • Pre and Line Out
  • Bluetooth 5.0

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Z’s review is contrary to my experience with the gain settings on the DX3 Pro. I haven’t noticed any difference between the gain settings on any headphone I’ve thrown at it aside from volume. I also haven’t experienced any issues with switching between pre out and line out modes. Mine is connected to a Topping PA3 speaker amplifier, which, in turn, is driving a pair of Micca MB42X speakers. The only way I can see it being a problem is if you do something silly like crank up the volume on your amplifier or powered speakers to some crazy level before switching to line out mode. Personally, my volume on the PA3 never goes past noon.

I’m not just being defensive about a product I own either. I only got my DX3 Pro this week and I’m still well within the Amazon return window if I found something objectionable about it. So far, it has been a delight. I just wish it had a 6.35mm headphone output.

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I didn’t notice any difference with the high gain settings, either. However, I don’t have any headphones that really require it so I didn’t bother testing it extensively. Maybe between the Euro power supply fiasco and the NDE from switching to line level, Z was a little soured on this amp.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the DX3 Pro. Clean, reliable and works like a champ with USB Audio Player Pro on my Blackberry KEY2 LE.

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That’s a beautiful little thing that does everything well, apparently!


Just got mine in today, I believe it’s a revision (version 2) to the one @ZeosPantera reviewed. They fixed the line out / pre-out scary switching. You now have to deliberately go into the settings menu to select between line out & pre out. Also, LDAC is now supported. Pretty pleased with this little thing.

Remote still feels very plasticky - flimsy - and cheap though.

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Could you please elaborate how this would work? Can I easily switch between DAC mode and pre-out mode without using the remote? Already have an E30 for my desk but am looking for something to run both my power amp and Asgard 3 that has a physical volume knob. Figured the DX3 Pro might be worth a look.

So the earlier version had an issue since it switches between DAC & pre out mode too easily - this means with a press of a button on the remote, the volume goes from controlled to max.

You can’t do this with v2, which is safer. I’ve just left mine on pre out mode but I believe you can switch it in the settings by plugging in the power cable while holding the power / volume knob down.

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Some hours after I posted, I found the answer in their manual (which did take a few reads to understand due to broken English).

Basically it echoes what you say here. Or I could use the remote, I believe.

Either way, thank you for replying! I’ll think on it as there is the cheaper and newer (and better measuring) Loxjie D30 which also fits my criteria.

I just bought the DX3 PRO + and I’m running it from my iPad Pro in pure DAC through RCA output to my tube amp for Tidal playing. I noticed that master quality files from tidal sound of less quality than hifi ones. I also noticed that the dac sets to 44.1 automatically. So I presume this sounding problem happens because master quality are of higher sample rate than 44.1 but I don’t know how to set the dac to a higher sample rate or how to send higher sample rates from the iPad to the dac. The iPad recognizes the dac as some headphones. Do I need an special software? Please help as I expect to be able to listen to the highest sample rate posible. I hope this has a solution. Thanks in advance,

As far as I know, the DX3 Pro+ doesn’t support MQA which is what you would need to get anything higher than 44.1 out of Tidal.

Mmm but MQA and higher sample rates have nothing to do as far as I’m concerned. MQA is just a licence. As far as I know this DAC can deliver much higher than 44.1

MQA is a proprietary encoding scheme that requires MQA decoding to be performed by the DAC in order to “unfold” the higher bitrate stream. If the DAC doesn’t specifically support MQA, it limits MQA files to 44.1.

Yes, the DX3 Pro+ supports higher bitrates than that but you would need to use a different source or streaming service that doesn’t use MQA to exploit that capability.

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Oh. Thank you so much! I was such a fan of Tidal. I don’t understand why they have now closed the MQA format. I just bought the DAC and I have no intention to buy now another with MQA license. Do you know about any other streaming service that could deliver higher resolution compatible with my DC3 Pro +? Thank you in advance.

Think apple, Deezer and Amazon music should help your needs there definitely is another one but I can’t remember the one that works good with roon (quobus or something :sweat_smile::joy:)

That would be Qobuz and it’s a pretty good service. I like it better than Tidal but a lot depends on what genres you prefer and what kind of curated playlists you might want.

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Can someone point me to a definitive guide how to stream/pass through tidal to topping via windows pc (without paying additional fees (I read about roon))?