Topping DX7S Balanced DAC/amp

I picked up the Topping DX7S on Drop a few weeks ago. Wondering if anyone else picked it up or has listened to it? Other than Amir’s review, there’s not much about it on the interwebs. I did manage to find this technical review after much research.

It has a clean, detailed, no nonsense presentation. Bass is tight and controlled. The mids take a firm stance upfront in the mix, hanging their panties on the line for all to see. Highs are detailed and sparkle with life but they are surprisingly never fatiguing. It’s not a very forgiving DAC to say the least, so if you’re looking for some colour then the DX7S probably won’t tick all your boxes.

Although I bought it first and foremost for the DAC section, I’ve been enjoying its AIO performance as well, which took me by surprise. I’m listening mainly with an HD800S but it pairs equally well with the HD650.

Feeding the Little Dot III, it sounds sublime, and transports the DAC to an entirely new dimension. I was hoping it would pair well with the Little Dot, and it certainly delivers in spades.

So although I had mild buyer’s remorse when the D70 found its way to Drop, once I heard the DX7S, all that went out the window. I wouldn’t mind a D70 for the AKM sound, but if I do buy it, the DX7S will retain a firm place in my arsenal (for now). Looking forward to getting my THX AAA 789 in September if Drop actually get round to shipping the May Drop.

This was my first foray into the world of Topping. Luckily it paid off. I’m pretty happy I took the chance.

How would you rate the HP amp?