Topping E30 Now Available**

I was a looking for an upgrade. I was browsing and saw this available** kind of - April/May if you order from Amazon.

  • Chip Combination:AKM’s AK4493 Decoding Chip,AK4418 Reciver,and XMOS XU208 Chip.
  • Decoding Capability:USB of E30 supports highest DSD512 and PCM 32bit/768kHz.COAX and OPT of E30 supports hightest PCM 24bit/192kHz.
  • Multiple Inputs :E30 supports USB, optical and coaxial inputs.
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Interesting. Curious to hear your thoughts once you get it.

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@M0N Thoughts?

Seems pretty nice, most likely a good higher end alternative to the d10, but I haven’t heard it yet

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My first thought was akm version d10 with some differences. All digital inputs no digital outputs, and DC barrel powered, not USB power.

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Topping E30 DAC Review from ASR

About Topping E30, HiFiGo can be shipped from today