Topping E30 v Fiio K5 Pro

I currently have Fiio K3 for my headphones(Shure 1840). I got a Topping E30 to get audio from both my PS5 and PC to my speakers (Edifier R1800Tiii). I’m just now realising the Fiio K5 Pro would work for about $100 less if I sell the Topping E30 and Fiio K3.

I’m curious if there will be a noticeable quality drop-off on my speakers from using the Fiio K5 Pro instead of Topping E30. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The E30 is a DAC and K5Pro is a dac/headphone amp.
I feel in this case, the K5Pro would be able to replace the K3, providing you both optical input and USB input in one DAC that you currently lack (stopping you from having both PS5 and PC, I assume?).

The K5Pro further has RCA outputs, to allow unit to act as the preamp for your Edifiers, allowing hand level control (beyond remote of Edifiers).

Yeah, from what you’ve explained, this would be a better way to go.
The E30 might be a “better” DAC, but would require you to use the K3 still as an amp, more cumbersome. Take the K3 and either sell it or repurpose it where portability is more desirable. The K5Pro will give you significantly more power (and not requiring balanced cable to get that) for future.

I’m not overly worried about convenience. I assume the K5 Pro is a much better AMP than the K3. I’m just curious what the difference in speaker quality will be between the K5 Pro’s DAC and the Topping E30.

I hate the K5Pro as a preamp.
Problem is, that your gain is limited in that, 9 olock is barely audible and 12 o’clock is brutally loud. And past 12 nothing much happens anymore. It also does not switch off the line output when you plug in your headphones.

Hope I am not too late :smiley: