Topping L30 alternative for 1990's Pro

Hi all!

I started exploring hi-fi last week and purchased the Topping L30/E30 stack together with the Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro’s. Awesome combination and love the sound quality so far. But apparently I’ve got a faulty L30 unit (2011 s/n) which can short circuit so I’m looking for a proper replacement.

I’m from the EU so getting a Shiit product is very hard due to stock issues. What other options are there in the < 250 euros/dollar region?

Any input is appreciated.

Kind regards,


What about a lake people g103s? That’s a step up from the l30 and has great synergy with the 1990. More of a studio neutral with a bit of warmth, pretty detailed and expansive stage for the price


Im using the Beyerdynamic A20 with the 1990‘s. I own the L30 aswell but prefer the sound of the A20.
Btw you can get your L30 replaced from where you bought it, dont even have to send the old unit back.

@M0N maybe the best choice i think.