Topping L30 vs A30 Pro

I’m looking for a new amp since my Fiio K5 Pro is a rather cheap combo and I could use more headroom with a few of my headphones.

I mainly using DT1990 Pro, which I have to turn up to 12 o’clock on high gain with some tracks.
Since most of my headphones are single ended only I’m not sure if I should get the Topping L30 or the A30 Pro.
Would I even be able to tell the difference with my DT1990 Pro?
Other headphones I also use are Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon, Kph30i and some iems.

As a DAC I’m using a Sanskrit 10th MK2, but since I use it on my speaker amp I would have to split the output for the headphone amp.

So should I just get the L30 or does the A30 pro sound that much better that it’s worth checking out?

I had to own l30 on the past, the sound with 1990 was sterile and boring, not shure about a30 pro. My pick for dt 1990 is Asgard 3, but im too interested in a30 pro:)

I also had the Asgard 3 in mind but I can’t get it here in Europe.
If the L30 sounds sterile, the A30 Pro will probably sound sterile too, but unfortunately, all recently hyped class a amps are a bit too expensive for me.

More then a better sound you’re getting much more power with the a30pro, the l30 will drive all your headphones and iems, the a30pro is worth over the l30 only if you’re planning to buy some inefficient headphones in the future.