Topping M50 Music Streamer

Z recently reviewed this streamer/usb bridge. It seems to no longer be available. Anybody know what happened? Z thought it was a good deal for 200 bucks…

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I’m guessing could have been a limited run or some other supply issues or it did not take off :man_shrugging:

Just did a quick check of a few sites
Apos is sold out but looks like Amazon might have a few

and maybe
Topping M50 Desktop Digital Music Player –


Audio equipment tends to cycle every few years with a lot of products like this. It is especially apparent in the world of DAP’s, but i’ve seen a lot of things pop up and vanish quite often.

It doesn’t mean that product is bad in any way. As the previous poster also said, it can easily mean it just didn’t grab enough attention of the market for the company to continue making them.

Even good products can be dropped off if enough people don’t buy them, it’s all market driven, which is not necessarily connected at all with the quality of the product.

Tech advancements also often cause products to be phased out. But that doesn’t mean the old stuff is not good, in fact there are many older discontinued products that are still quite sought after, but the company that used to make them has moved on, or may even no longer exist.

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So I have picked one of these up to turn my ifi signature into a Bluetooth device and a standalone unit if I want it to be.
I’ll report back with ease of use and if it’s worth the price…if it’s ever produced again.