Torn Between HD660s & LCD2 Cs

As the title suggest I’m torn. I only want to keep one pair(just a lot of money to be out) and I’m torn between both of these. I mainly listen to rock, hip hop and electronic music but I also play lots of games on my PC. I’m using the JDS el stack for my amp+dac combo. Comfort for hours of use on a given day and good all around use is something I’m going for. So far I think I like how the LCDs sit on my ears more but they are heavy where as the 660s are much lighter but feel tighter on my ears and I’m worried the pads will wear out in 6months to a year on the 660s. They both sound great but I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with both and what they liked better. I’m thinking the 660s might be a better all around pair for music, playing games and talking on discord. The LCDs might get hot and more uncomfortable after hours of use.

Honestly it really comes down to the sound signature you like, and how much comfort matters to you. I feel that the lcd2 classics would better compliment the music you listen to, but the 660s would be better for competitive gaming. Both are fairly comfortable, but I feel I could wear the 660s for longer. The pads on the senns do wear out after daily use though. I would say they get about equally as hot at times

Edit: clamp can be easily reduced on the senns by bending the metal adjustment pieces.

I agree I think the LCD2 Cs do seem to sound a little better to me. I really enjoy that planar thumping bass but I also play games and talk to people on discord for hours on end during the weekends, so maybe the 660s are the ones for me and I’ll adjust to the sound signature over time. The 660s might also need a slight break in period(not too sure)

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Well, it’s more break in in your head for the sound signature. The lcd’s are great for casual games, but the 660s have better imaging for comp.

though to be fair I just got both pairs this week so maybe I would adjust to the LCDs if I try them out longer? they are heavy but they do feel comfortable. I like the big memory foam pads :smiley:

yea I Z said the 660s were great for imagining. I noticed it right away in overwatch. In an ideal world I’d just keep both haha

I don’t really have any issues with my lcd2.2s once I got used to the weight, and since you have both, just use them as normal and see what one you want to keep on your head longer lol

yea thats what I’m doing at the moment. Will hopefully figure out what I like soon

LCD-2 Classics for sure!

Lol you have them? What are your thoughts on them?

I don’t have them…but I have read and followed thoughts and reviews of those that do to know those are the next headphones I want. I have the HiFiMan HE-4xx off of Massdrop and love them and I’ve listened to the Ultra-Fi HE-1000 v2, but know I would be murdered by the wife if I bought $4000 (CAD) headphones.

Haha yes that’s a lot of money to put down. So I really do enjoy the LCDs I think they look cool and feel premium and I wish I could keep both but I can only keep one pair so I gotta weigh pros and cons. So far the 660s have been really comfortable wearing them for a while now that I have adjusted the tension by stretching/bending the band a bit