Tower speaker recommendations

As the title says I’m looking to get some tower speakers for my home theatre system.(mostly listening to music, occasional movies/ sports) I have a denon AVR S720w 7.2 receiver 2 micca mb42x bookshelf speakers and 1 micca mb42xc center speaker. Recently been looking at upgrading to 2 tower speakers and moving the 2 bookshelf’s for surround sound. I’m torn between the Bic America FT-6T and pioneer FS-SP52? Not sure if somebody on this forum would know more about what would be better per my application. Thanks so much!

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How big is your room ?

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Thanks for the welcome! and the living room itself is 13 ft by 14 ft , pretty much but the living room kind of opens up to a kitchen that is open concept. I forgot to mention I also have a polk psw10 connected to the set up as well!

My room is about the same. Can see why its tough to choose and i havent heard either tower (have miccas though). but, go with pioneer. also suggest another identical sub and the biggest chocolaty center channel you can afford later as budget allows.

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