Tracks full of little details

So, yeah, I have a cheap “home studio”, therefore, I like to discover unheard details with new equipment. :slight_smile:

This is a thread for tracks you use to find if your headphones are “detail monsters”.
Tracks with a tiny hiss you can’t hear with all your headphones.
Tracks that made you say “what was that” ?
Tracks so full of little details you re-discover every time you play it.

This one basically fits all the categories:

For this one… is someone coughing at 4:30?

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How about every track. On every album. Pink Floyd.


I really should listen to Pink Floyd more. Good idea!

Going to suggest some plunderphonics:

Can you hear the faint static caused by the kick drum at about 2:15? It’s mostly in the right channel. At first I thought it was my new headphones, but I found it using two other sets of cans. I’ve found a lot of these little not-quite-flaws since getting into this hobby.

EDIT: I couldn’t hear it on the YouTube version, but could on my FLAC copy. Hmmmmm… That’s interesting in and of itself!

Damn youtube, getting rid of all the… imperfections! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Man, imagine listening to this song on an AM or FM radio, going home, buying it or finding it on youtube, and realizing it’s like 5 songs in one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t do Amy Winehouse anymore. There are way too many ticks and clicks on her recordings. I don’t know if some idiot in the recording studio was trying to simulate a record or what but…it sounds terrible. Maybe I have go out and get some Beats or Bose so my music sounds better :rofl:

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Oh well.

The bass drum pedal in Since I’ve Been Loving You. My dad used the same pedal and it is solid nostalgia for me. I never hear it until I picked up the recent vinyl release of Zeppelin II…now I can’t not hear it!

Also, I love listening to all the weird little conversations in the Orb’s tunes

You can hear the Trinity church heating system in the background on…

Sharing this here. :slight_smile: