Trailers (Video Games + Anime)

The sound tracks and general sound quality in many anime and video games is great (see ‘Video Game Music Thread’ under the ‘Music Talk’ category for links to full soundtracks), which lends itself to great trailers. Trailers combine footage and sound with good editing to make an advertisement that also provides stimulating entertainment. Trailers are often essentially short music videos. These trailers can be great for demonstrating differences in headphone performance, because of their quality sound editing and their short length which makes it easy to replay them repeatedly. Also because they are short and visually stimulating they are great sample material to use with people who have short attention spans. Post any links here to cool trailers that you think demonstrate good sound quality and entertainment value. I’m trying to create a location for short videos as opposed to long full sound tracks. Serves a dual purpose of letting others know about cool games and anime. Thanks!

Furi - Official Launch Trailer (game)

Gris - Reveal Trailer (game)

My Friend Pedro - Full Throttle Trailer (game)

Samurai Champloo - Funimation Trailer (anime)

Darling in the FranXX - Official Trailer (anime)