Transmit LDAC from desktop

Its nearly 2021. I’d like to know if this possible yet without…

  • Being told to use another bt codec
  • Using a phone
  • Creating a fire hazard or leaving a burn mark on my table like my Shanling M0 (I need a permament solution that can be left plugged in)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You are a godsend!

Immediately placed order for one and a BTR5 to accompany. I have been waiting over 2 years for a product like this…

Just in case it matters for you, because i feel it can easily be unnoticed, keep this in mind :

The LDAC format is only supported to transmit through optical/coaxial input, but not usb input.

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The BTA30 is really tempting as both transmitter and DAC… I’ll bite if the DAC measures better than my K5 Pro on ASR.

Thanks. Do you know if an optical splitter will work to provide source to a regular DAC in parallel with the BTA30? I am looking to seamless switch between wired and wireless headphones to listen to the same source (my PC)

I’ve no idea. I’m also interested by this unit but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

You’ll probably get better chances asking on the headfi thread, i’ve seen Fiio’s rep being active and answering those questions.

It isn’t specific to the BTA30, but in general, what would be the best way to run two DACs in parallel from the same audio source?