Triangle AIO Twin vs Kanto TUK | opinions?

Hi guys,

I’m the new kid in town. But far more important, I’m in the market for active bookshelf speakers.

Do any of you have experience with both speakers mentioned in the title? (maybe with the Elaras’ instead of the AIOs’) How would they compare sound wise?

Are there other options in that price range to consider? The Triangles’ are 700€ and the Tuks’ are 866€.

Design wise I like both.

swan m300 mk2. if you can find them.

Thank you. For what reason, how do they compare sound wise? Unfortunately they are very ugly in my opinion. But if they exceed in terms of sound I’d consider them.

swan is hivi’s consumer brand. hivi makes drivers for lots of companies. they also make 10k+$ speakers.

just another option. i havent heard any of the three, but i do have hivi drivers in diy speakers. and they are good drivers.

edit: i feel pretty confident saying the triangle and swan will both perform better then the kanto though in technical details. Kanto are pretty, and i have heard some of the cheaper ones, but they dont have the most technical drivers on the planet. if thats your thing.

welcome to HFG, AA!

can you tell about how much you’re wiling to spend? also, knowing mire about the space they’re being set up in would be helpful too.

i did forget to welcome, so welcome to hifiguides! and thanks @Marzipan for pointing it out!

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Thank you, that’s good to know and might help further research. At least I know that Z also loves his Swans’.

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Oh absolutely, you’re right! It’s an untreated room measuring 4.10m x 4.50m (ish, there’s no 90 degree angle in this one) and about 4.80m in hight. Other than some furniture, a rug and a couch there’s nothing to help reverb.

Thank you two for your welcoming! :pray:

Edit: my budget would be something about the 800€ mark to keep it reasonable. If there’s an absolute banger for 1k I also would consider them.

So I bought the AIO Twins. Unfortunately they are producing a constant skeaky noise. Sounds a bit like coil whine. This is also audible while listening at lower levels. I hope this is not a common thing with those. I asked the shop for a replacement pair a few minutes ago.