Triangle Borea BR02 vs Klipsch RP-600M vs KEF Q150

Hello All,
I’m finally in the market for some new bookshelves and I’d like to stay under $500/pr for now. I think I’ve got it narrowed down to the RP-600M, BR02, and the Q150. The Klipsch and Triangles are very close in price right now with the KEFs being about $150 less (450ish vs $300ish)

Z has raved about the Klipsch and Triangles with certain KEF’s also getting praise. I don’t think he’s reviewed the 150s, but he owns the 100s, didn’t like the 350s, loves the LS50s

When I heard the sound demo of the Boreas, I got goosebumps. That’s the only time that’s happened. That has pushed me toward them, but I have a feeling that the Klipsch (and maybe the KEFs) might be technically superior speakers. I’m including the KEFs mainly because they really intrigue me, and they are quite inexpensive right now.

Looking for any and all thoughts and opinions.
Thank you!

For me, this is a must! Speaker or speakers needs to perform so that it makes goosebumps and eargasms with my favorite songs. I get them a lot in real life with the big G’s. They are my thing.
Why would i even consider anything else that does not?

But for you.
Haven’t heard of any triangle speakers but personally i preferred more of the RP-600M’s than KEF Q150. It’s always down to personal taste and that is what count’s.

Hopefully this helps!

Thank you for the replies!

@Sten I had not seen anything from Zero Fidelity before for some reason. He certainly does like the Triangle BR03s. Thank you for linking those videos.

@MadGman I agree with you 100%. The problem is getting the opportunity to listen to all of the good options on the market to see which one hits you just right.

I think I’ll give the Triangles a try and see what I think of them.

He is very good with speaker reviews :slight_smile:

Also watches this vid today

Quite good stuff

I would prefer the triangle and the klipsch over the kefs due to the former two having much more bass and warmth compared to the kefs, which have a brighter sound signature.

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That chrome trim ring on the Q-acoustics bookshelf is brutal.

Another great video/reviewer! Thank you!
Very interesting picks. I found it quite helpful to have the visual scale of their voicing as well.

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Agreed. I’d have to leave the grills on those at all times. Quite frankly there are only a few “pretty” speakers in this group.

It got positive sound reviews. If not for the tinfoil trim ring it would look like a giant RB42

Scotch brite and a rattle can. Solved.

Looks like trim rings on my cheap electric stove, maybe anodize or powder coat ?

The chrome on the 3030i isn’t my favorite but the rest of the finish is nice and they sound DAMN good for the money. They have very little coloration. Their soundstage and imaging is decent. The way they represent instrumental tones is very good. They also have a very nice, full-bodied sound for a bookshelf.

Keep the grills on, problem solved. They get good reviews.

I can share my experience with the BR02’s. Frankly these speakers have kinda blown my mind. It’s amazing to me that a speaker of this size can be so good and create such rich and realistic sound. These play much bigger than they are. I have E90’s and MS-10’s, which really deliver big speaker sound, because… well, you know! And these do really well. Z’s sound check on the BR02 impressed the Hell out of me and eventually led me to purchase them. But there is another side to these things, and this is coming out the more hours they have on them, which is about 120 or so at this point.

They are really sounding good at lower listening levels. The word I want to use is analytical perhaps. The level of detail you can hear in the music and in vocal harmonies is incredible. Separation of instruments and such is great. And to be able to get all of this and not have to drive them hard to get it is fantastic. In fact, I am learning that there are ways that I can use the respective gain controls and ride the power curve to get slightly different response profiles from the stack to tune that low/mid area. The speakers can pick right up on it. And they are not boring. You just want to keep on listening to them.

I love these speakers. I don’t really know how much better or worse they are when compared to the others. I know I can vouch for these.

I was pretty hard on the looks of those Qacoustics but they got great reviews and sound is what counts.

On my hifi journey think im learning size matters.

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LOL! Copy that. And here I am, working within a very strict real estate budget. I could not get a speaker any larger than the BR02 for this deployment. The BS5’s fit great here and remarkably, so does the BR02. And man, they are strong.

But now this low-level prowess is appearing, and I’m really pleased with that. Ultimately, I was hoping they would have the versatility to do well in both higher and low-level settings.

Admit it bought them cuz theyre flowery french pretty MFs. Oh la la ! The elecs would look nice too if it didnt have the same screen i got on my kitchen sink drain hole.

There is that. One of the first things that struck me was that they have a Very distinctive look. I haven’t even put the grilles on yet. They have a substantial feel when you place them. Build quality is excellent imo. The binding posts are really nice too. And then they come to life. It has been a great experience.