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  • Type: Bookshelf
  • Powered: No

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Z Reviews…

I noticed the br03’s in zeos’ mini rig video… curious what he thinks… I’m really enjoying mine… I imagine the 02’s are pretty sweet too

how do these compare to the JBL 305p s in terms of imaging?

I think they are pretty good for imaging, it would depend on if you are using them nearfield or in a room. I think they are higher preforming than the jbl in a room, but personally I might prefer the jbl up close but it depends

Damn Triangle is blowing up right now! On Z , Thomas & Stereo, Soulsik, Zero Fidelity, Guttenberg… Their marketing team is on fire and I’m sold on wanting a pair.

The sound demos these guys are doing is amazing per $ those titus speaker are dead sexy. In Soul’s review he paired it with a $799 ChiFi tube amp and the pair were beautiful together.

I think they are somewhat hyped but they are still nice for sure

Its probably the same speakers being passed around by all the youtubers… at least in certain regions

Wonder how these would match up against KEF Q150s. The sound demo gave an impression that these are a bit more laid back and warmer in their sound signature. Kinda closer to PSB Aplha P5s, I suppose.

The q150 would be the more aggressive speaker here imo, the triangle is a bit more laid back in comparison


Listening to the other reviews I think Zeos would have been even happier with the BR03 over these.

Most likely yeah, I was surprised he went for the 2 instead of the 3

I’ve noticed he prefers (or tries to) the more budget options and I do kinda respect that… that said the 03’s are really really nice… couldn’t be happier with them

I’m thinking on buying these for my livingroom, but I don’t have any other equipment yet (I just moved in). Can you recommend any dac/amp that would go well with these?

What’s your budget?

About 200. Maybe I can spend some more by saving up if it’s needed / worth it

I had a Yamaha rs202 that I think would pair nicely but I dont believe it has a dac (or phono input if you need those)

Denon PMA-600NE is highly regarded here if that’ll fit your budget

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I will check them out. Thanks!

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By @M0N and Steve Guttenberg :stuck_out_tongue:

Would the BR03s be too big for a small room/desktop setup using an SMSL AD18 amo? Or would the BR02s be a better fit? Haven’t seen anyone else review the BR02s apart from Zeos. Torn between the two and which to get.

Br03s are pretty big tbh but they’re front ported so that’s a bonus… kinda depends how much room you have