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  • Type: Bookshelf
  • Powered: No

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just saying… i have BR03s, which i got for a very decent price, it was a return with a small scratch on the botten side. I have it paired with an IOTAVX SA3, which i also got for a very decent price, since it’s a refurbished unit. So i really cheaped out on both and and everything works perfectly for months now. And let me tell you… especially for the price i paid, this pairing sounds like an absolute STEAL! It also looks great, since i have the white speakers which look really, really decent with the white drivers. I use the set playing music (obviously) but also for watching movies. Since i only have a (decently large) one-room-flat, my couch is relatively close to my OLED TV and the speakers. I have the speakers aiming for my ears. For this scenario, honestly - i cannot think of a better speaker! Sure, they’re bookshelf-speakers and not floorstanders, i also don’t have a sub… but honestly, i really don’t need it. For a don’t-disturb-the-neighbours-setup, they’re absolutely perfect. I cannot overstate, how impressed i am about how they image, how they have really decent body for their size, how refined they sound (at least to me) and how pleased i am about their tonality. These are lovely and lively speakers and they work perfectly for movies and music alike imo. They give me every detail i could want and yes they are rather bright, but the brightness is exactly on point for me. No, these speakers are not too bright. These speakers are just sooo pleasing to me. I bought the set based on the reviews of ZeroFidelity. I can approve of everything he says about these. I guess he’s also right, that these are confident speakers with a presentation, that’s right in the middle between in-your-face and relaxed. For playing music, i have a raspberry pi 4 with an IQaudio DAC Pro hat running piCorePlayer, streaming TIDAL, which i control using iPeng app in iOS. Music is really fucking gorgeous. It has this lively, sightly brighter character, that is really, really engaging and an absolute pleasure to listen to. I’m sorry, but i think Zeos has done something wrong again. These speakers are far, FAR away from being a disappointment. They’re an absolute highlight of my audio journey, i love them to death!

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