Triangle Br03 Vs KEF Q 150 VS B&W 607

Hi all,

I’m very new to this and at this moment in time, during the quarantine stage in the UK, all non-essential shops have been closed, so I can’t go to any audio shops or a friends house to try them, so I was hoping someone could be able to give me some guidance.

I have been looking to replace my front book shelf speakers for my desk, I currently have a very old pair of Mission 700, nearly as old as me (21) possibly even older.

I have them, my rears and my Bass amp going to my Pioneer VSX-531 and is going to my PC and my monitor (more on that if requested)

I Intend to use them for mostly music (rap, rock, heavy metal and EDM) and games (Elite dangerous, BL3 Etc…) So the pairs I have been looking at would be classed as near field.

I am in the price range of about £350 - £400 and have shortlisted:

Triangle br03 (looking to be the most likely to go for)

KEF Q150

bowers and wilkins 607

I am open to suggestions if anyone can suggest anything that is not listed, or I have not thought about.

Thanks, stay safe.

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For desk/monitoring use, I think the ports being in the front makes the Triangle the clear winner here.

My thoughts exactly. All the reviews I could find say “there is nothing bad to say at this price point” But they are all at a very similar if not same price point, Which doesn’t really help me much, But at the moment. because of the front porting and the detail, the triangles are looking like the ones I will do for.

Until I find a different set that throws a spanner in the works.

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I’ve been saving up for a triangle speaker set for my desk set up for this reason (front ported). Though a couple steps up from the BRO3s

what ones did you have in-mind?

Triangle Thetas

I can understand why you would be saving up for them but, they are more of a end game set up, any way out of my price range a the moment.

That’s True. Another one to look up that’s front ported that’s roughly the same price as the Bro3 are The new Elac Debut Reference

I did think of the Elac’s and look in to them, however people have said that you need a good signal source to play from, as they are not the most forgiving.

My signal source is coming from my PC from HDMI, however It did cross my mind to look into getting a sound card with a fibre optic port to go the amp, but I have no idea how beneficial that will be.

You’ll need an amp with a dac built in to do the optical wire thing. A lot of mobos have RCAs out if I recall. You can connect to the amp via that.

I heard the references are more forgiving than other elacs, though I’ve not heard them yet (@M0N has I believe, though)

Another spanner has been thrown into the works. B & W 606 has just gone on sale for £409 bringing it closer to the budget. Thoughts?

Spanner removed, the 606 are too big for my current set up and I don’t have adequate stands for them.

What did you decide on getting? I’m looking at desktop speakers also and it’s between the following three: 1. B&W 607’s on sale for $489, 2. KEF Q150’s on sale for $299, and 3. ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 for $249. Any thoughts?

I got the B&W 606 in the end. I got them on sale here in the UK for £299 if I remember correctly?

But for what I wanted them for, there are perfect.

I’m no audio engineer or audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. But, they are very clear ( other people have said due to there aluminium tweeter, they can be abit harsh for near field) but you only get that at certain times and if it’s up loud. But it’s also down to what’s preferred.


Thanks for your response. I’m going with the 607’s and a Cambridge receiver. I don’t think I can go wrong.